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    CONPIN New Fan Powered Heating Convector is energy efficient and can provide excellent indoor thermal comfort. CONPIN New Fan Powered Heating Convector is good for large space in residential and commercial buildings.

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    CONPIN heating convector is energy efficient and can provide excellent indoor thermal comfort.

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    CONPIN heating convector is concise in design, stylish in appearance and safe in operation.

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    CONPIN Electric Heating Air Curtain is concise in design and elegant in appearance.

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    CONPIN floor buried heating convector is elegant in appearance and concise in design.

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    Client customization design, precise craftsmanship, high energy efficient, and safe

CPCF-R(C1) Series Side Blowing Hot Water Heated Air Curtain

CPCF-R(C1) Series Side Blowing Hot Water Heated Air Curtain
General Features:
CONPIN CPCF-R(C1) Series Side Blowing Hot Water Heated Air Curtain is especially designed for industry buildings with door entrance height > 3 meters and door width > 3 meters. Such air curtain can be equipped either in in single unit or in pairs. This air curtain can be seated vertically on the floor ground, thus the space above the building entrance can be emptied In addition to the fact that the air curtain can effectively decrease building heating load by blocking the cold air from penetrating through the door entrance so as to increase the indoor thermal comfort, the air curtain may help to provide heating at the same time. This air curtain is good for industrial factory buildings, ware house, and mining refinery plant.
CPCF-R(C1) Series Side Blowing Hot Water Heated Air Curtain

High efficiency low noise electric motor with imported top tier 100,000 hours maintenance free bearings is adopted, together with new developed centrifugal blower. The standard power input is 380v/50Hz.

Heat Exchanger:
CPCF-R(C1) series adopts primary grade copper tube and double-sine wave aluminum fin, with hot water as the heating media. The heating convector features long service life, small in size but large in heating capacity, high heat transfer efficiency, high corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance.  Drain valve is design on the heat exchanger bottom to empty the water from freezing during un-occupied winter time.

Filtration Device:
Aluminum alloy mesh net coarse filter will be included on the air inlet side to avoid dust accumulation within the heat exchanger, so as to guarantee the heated air curtain to operate without air flow rate degrading.

Door Sealing Height and Width:
Door Sealing Height 3~12 m, Door Sealing Width 3~10 m

Sizing Method:
Door height >3m,but door width <3m, please install a single unit on one side;
Door height >3m,but door width >3m, please install a pair on both sides;

Key Specs:
Air Flow Rate: 10000m3/h ~ 30000m3/h, with heating capacity of 100~200kW
Power: 380V/50Hz
Door Sealing Height: 3m 3.5m 4.0m 4.5m 5.0m 5.5m 6.0m 6.5m 7.0m  8.0m 9.0m  10.0m  11.0m  12.0m

Installation Notice:
Please put the air curtain in the indoor side, and install the air curtain vertically on the door side(s), either in one single unit or in a pair based on sizing decision.

Instruction of use:
1、 Aluminum alloy mesh net coarse filter has been employed in this series of air curtain. Please schedule regular cleaning based on the air curtain operation frequency. Either high pressure air flow or clean water could be used for filter cleaning. If there is oil or grease on the filter, please use degreasing agent;
2、 Please install one specified individual protective switch for this air curtain to safeguard it from breaking down due to over loaded. It is not OK to just use a master protection switch in the main power supply.
3、 After wiring, please make a trial operation to check if the blower is running smoothly. Should there is any damage during shipping, please check it out before installation.
4、 Please open the drain valve to empty the water in case of water freezing during un-occupied winter time. The drain valve is equipped on the heat exchanger bottom, remove the aluminum alloy mesh net filter then it is easy to locate the valve.
5、 Please inspect the air curtain outlet air velocity periodically. Never operate the air curtain without air filter. If the air velocity is small and the air curtain cannot seal the door seamless, please wash the air filter or replace the air filter by a new one;
6、 During the water pipe installation, please use uniform and mild torque. Over torque could result in heat exchanger damage.



  • Pangu Plaza (Beijing) complex selected CONPIN heated air curtains and floor buried heating convectors. Pangu plaza complex is seated near the Water Cube, featuring breathtaking views of Beijing’s Olympic Park theatre of dreams. Pangu plaza complex include Pangu Luxury 7 Star hotel as well as world class office space, deluxe restaurants, conference rooms, lavish residences and the breathtakingly opulent Sky Courtyards.
  • Beijing Capital Airport T3 Terminal employed buried tube-fin heating convector from CONPIN as their space heating equipment.
  • Beijing Capital Airport business jet airplane building adopted tube-fin heating convector from CONPIN as the space heating devices.
  • Dalian Heavy Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. selected CONPIN’s side blowing heated air curtain duo. The air curtain sealed the door with height of 20 meters, with width of 30 meters. It is the largest air curtain in China.
  • Beijing Capital Airport T1 Terminal employed CONPIN ceiling concealed hot water heated air curtains and electric heated air curtains during their retrofit.
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