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    CONPIN New Fan Powered Heating Convector is energy efficient and can provide excellent indoor thermal comfort. CONPIN New Fan Powered Heating Convector is good for large space in residential and commercial buildings.

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    CONPIN heating convector is energy efficient and can provide excellent indoor thermal comfort.

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    CONPIN heating convector is concise in design, stylish in appearance and safe in operation.

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    CONPIN Electric Heating Air Curtain is concise in design and elegant in appearance.

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    CONPIN floor buried heating convector is elegant in appearance and concise in design.

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    Client customization design, precise craftsmanship, high energy efficient, and safe

Industry Fan Heater for Tall and Large Space

CONPIN SGD series Industry Fan Heater for Tall and Large Space is designed for large manufacture plants, indoor stadiums, shopping malls, and airplane / metro train / railway train repair and maintenance centers. The ideal installation height is 6-40 meters. Hot water is the heating media.
SGD series Industry Fan Heater for Tall and Large Space takes advantage of the warm air on the building top as the air inlet, reheats such air steam by its high efficiency heat exchanger, pushes the air flow out of the fan heater by its powerful fan and then supplies the air flow vertically down to the zone. The diffusion area is adjustable by the outlet louvers; the outlet air stream can be air jet for longer deliver distance, or it can be well mixed with the surrounding air for large heating area coverage. This is an effective solution for the heating problem that bothers tall and large space, since the SGD series industry fan heat can eliminate vertical temperature gradient significantly. As the result, the air within the tall and large space is more uniform in temperature, and the zone heating energy consumption can be remarkably reduced.

CONPIN SGD series Industry Fan Heater for Tall and Large Space employs high efficiency low noise electric motor with imported top tier maintenance free bearings, and new generation low noise centrifugal blower. The key characters of the selected fan include: extra-large air flow rate, low noise, high efficiency and low fan power consumption. The heat exchanger employed in SGD series adopts primary grade copper tube and double-sine wave aluminum fin with the specially tuned expanding process, which results in large in heating capacity, high heat transfer efficiency, high corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance.  Aluminum alloy mesh net coarse filter has been employed in this industry fan heater to prevent dusts from clogging the air flow path.
The air curtain’s outlet louver geometry is exclusively designed to convert static pressure to the outlet rotating flow. The louver angle can be adjusted for different air distribution configurations. The air flow will get welled mixed with the air around to guarantee the service area thermal comfort.
This SGD series Industry Fan Heater for Tall and Large Space is mounted on the ceiling top; therefore it will not occupy any floor footage. It is a high cost-effective way for industry building heating, since no return air or supply air duct is needed. Even more, the supply air louver and the air filter are also integrated.
CONPIN SGD series Industry Fan Heater for Tall and Large Space provides optional parts per customer’s request, including automatic temperature regulating valves, variable frequency drive (VFD) for fan, and freezing-protection package for winter.


  • Pangu Plaza (Beijing) complex selected CONPIN heated air curtains and floor buried heating convectors. Pangu plaza complex is seated near the Water Cube, featuring breathtaking views of Beijing’s Olympic Park theatre of dreams. Pangu plaza complex include Pangu Luxury 7 Star hotel as well as world class office space, deluxe restaurants, conference rooms, lavish residences and the breathtakingly opulent Sky Courtyards.
  • Beijing Capital Airport T3 Terminal employed buried tube-fin heating convector from CONPIN as their space heating equipment.
  • Beijing Capital Airport business jet airplane building adopted tube-fin heating convector from CONPIN as the space heating devices.
  • Dalian Heavy Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. selected CONPIN’s side blowing heated air curtain duo. The air curtain sealed the door with height of 20 meters, with width of 30 meters. It is the largest air curtain in China.
  • Beijing Capital Airport T1 Terminal employed CONPIN ceiling concealed hot water heated air curtains and electric heated air curtains during their retrofit.
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